Best spying apps for Android & iOS you may find today

So many tracking applications are presented in Apple or Google stores! This mobile service type becomes extremely trendy among various kinds of users. Those apps let customer track on someone remotely and secretly. They allow learning about how a person uses his/her smartphone, which sites browses, what kind of online messages sends. In addition, many spying apps have GPS tracker so they also let you know about locations your special someone visits.

Spying applications are extremely popular among cautious parents. How can adults be sure their precious kids use their cell phone properly, do not access harmful data, do not text with strangers. If you are that one who seeks such an app to be used on child’s phone, our guide will help make the right choice. Let us talk about prominent top-rated services helping us keep an eye on children ready-to-use on modern iOS & Android devices. We will cover both free & paid alternatives so there will be numerous options to choose from.

Absolutely best free spying apps for Android smartphones together with personal opinion about paid alternatives

Android hidden services letting you monitor all-day-long online life of device owner come first. We will review several main features of carefully selected software pieces, then describe their pros and cons. Please note that editorial office is not anti some specific software and it’s our opinion plus our findings.

1. AppSpy

AppSpy sounds as greatest alternative to popular expensive applications you might have found before. It has a massive functionality, moreover do not have any hidden payments. Main abilities users get with this AppSpy listed here:

  • Check SMS, mails, chat messages tracked person sends/gets 24 hours per day;
  • Log calls child gets/performs during day and night: when and how long each call lasted;
  • Keep an eye on your child using the GPS tracking powers;
  • Look through all downloaded applications, block inappropriate ones;
  • Review websites opened;
  • Make an undetectable call, listen which voices or noises are around your kid in real-time.

Pros: AppSpy costs nothing but covers many features crucial for parents.

Cons: It supports limited quantity of online chatting services.

2. Mobile Tracker Free

Here’s an app that comes next. Full access to SMS & MMS is granted, additional possibilities are described below:

  • Get information about date, time & call duration;
  • Block those contacts that look or act suspiciously;
  • Check each text message tracked person gets or writes via Facebook, Telegram, Hangouts, Kik, Tango, Viber together with several other famous chats;
  • Block certain installations forever or schedule special period during which victim gets restricted content access;
  • Ring, call, vibrate remotely.

Pros: This application works with all popular chatting services.

Cons: Requires constant Internet connection.

3. mSpy

mSpy requires paid subscription but looks truly impressive. App developers have implemented all above-mentioned features plus a few more possibilities everyone may find useful:

  • Get alerts if mSpy detects some dangerous keyword throughout text messages, SMS or emails;
  • Receive comprehensive reports about numerous activities made on target device;
  • Stay undetectable;
  • Get help from attentive support team 24/7.

Pros: Advanced functionality.

Cons: Price starts from $29.99 per month.

Is the best spy app for iPhone free or paid?

While describing iOS services, costless ones are rare findings. We can easily describe the top ten paid monitoring iPhone applications right now but when it comes to alternatives that won’t cost a thing, our choice is limited. There won’t be 10 apps in our list but let me describe 2 ones that work pretty good.

1. Spy Phone App

First software from our review has been developed with both Android & iOS in mind. It has full range of basic tracking functions you may imagine. On official site, it seems to cost nothing. However, advertisement turns out to be false. Spy Phone App has a fully-functional 3-day long trial period. After it ends, subscription required. Speaking of data, here are examples:

  • SMS, MMS, Emails, chats;
  • Multimedia — pictures, shots, movies the monitored smartphone cam takes;
  • Browser logs, GPS logs, calling logs.

Pros: Pretty impressive functionality. Using selected iOS versions, user won’t even need the root access for required adjustments.

Cons: Hidden costs.

2. Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is considered as the second app we would recommend. This software doesn’t claim its costlessness but has impressive functionality. Its feature list includes all ones predecessor has but not limited to them. Moreover, you can do those amazing things:

  • Switch a stealth mode for smartphone’s digital camera. Record everything that happens around kid’s device;
  • Read everything that appears in iMessages;
  • Receive full-fledged social networks logs.

Pros: Great features, easy-to-use interface.

Cons: Price. Premium Lifetime costs $69.99.