Explicit mSpy review: everything you wanted to know about Android and iOS versions

There are plenty of monitoring apps on the market nowadays. Seems that it is easy to choose the one for your needs but when it comes to usage, most of the services appear to behave unpredictably. Constant crashes, limited functionality, wasted warranty and many more unpleasant things happen pretty often. However, there are apps that work. mSpy is the market-leading provider of spying services and is much better than average competitors. In the review below, we will take a closer look.

General information: features, abilities, prices, opinions

Let’s start from the basics. mSpy is a fully-functional application to monitor the user activity remotely and secretly. It works for both mobile devices with Android or iOS and desktop computers and allows you to get comprehensive information about how someone uses his or her device.

That may sound a bit intrusive but it’s totally legal in fact. This is not a service for cheating, but a great tool for those who want to enable powerful parental control and keep an eye on their children. In addition, mSpy is good for tracking the employee activity but if you are going to you it this way, you should warn your victims about the monitoring.

The list of mSpy supported features is truly immense. In our opinion, they cover almost everything you may require from the spying application. Here are the highlighted ones:

  • Call tracking: each time someone calls on the cell phone, you know the number, conversation duration, date & time. Moreover, you can blacklist the numbers that look suspicious right away.
  • SMS, MMS & emails: read and review all messages your child gets. Also, you can download pictures or videos from the extended ones and check iMessages easily.
  • Chats: vast list of the supported messaging applications is available at your service. Just like with ordinary text message, you can review the conversations your victim performs. We’d like to highlight the most popular ones: WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat and even Tinder — the dating app.
  • GPS tracking: the thing that allows you to keep an eye on the location of your kid. In addition, you can define the safe places like kindergarten or aunt’s house and get notifications every time the devices leaves those zones.
  • App management: full control of installed programs.
  • Saved files: pictures, screenshots, videos, camera photos and many more your kid saves to the internal storage will be available for you too.
  • Browser history: all webpages opened from the tracked device with the possibility to blacklist the ones you find dangerous.

Sounds huge, doesn’t it? mSpy functionality includes but is not limited to all abovementioned things. What is more, it has another cool advantage — dedicated support team available 24/7. In case you have any troubles with set up, professional customer care service is here to help. Already almost convinced to try? Then visit mSpy dot com to register and download.

And finally, pricing. The basic subscription starts from $16.99 per month in case you pay for a year at once. The highest 1-month fee is $39.99 for non-jailbroken iOS devices. There is no free trial option but you may be interested in Live Demo the provider offers. It includes numerous screenshots of the functionality you may get after the purchase.

Several more details, warning and mSpy reviews: iPhone app

mSpy supports a pretty wide range of iOS devices including iPhone 6, 5, 4s and all the rest that have iOS 7 or higher. Many features are available for non-jailbroken mobile phones, however, even more exciting ones won’t work without jailbreak. If you are not familiar with this term, note that jailbreak is a kernel patching that erases the software restrictions Apple’s operating system has. It gives you more possibilities though removes the warranty.

Just a quick example. If you haven’t patched victim’s iPhone, you won’t be able to read the messages from any chat app except for WhatsApp. Still, mSpy remains a great tracker for SMS, calls and browser history monitoring.

And a few more words and mSpy reviews: Android application

You won’t experience any issues with software restrictions on Android, so the smart full-fledged functionality is available at your fingertips. The most valuable features include website tracking, SnapChat, Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp monitoring, the ability to check which games and services your child uses and where he is wandering after school. Both phones and tablets are ready for mSpy however the minimal supported version starts from Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0).

Although, there is one thing mSpy misses: the ability to listen to noises and voices around the tracked devices. Some competitors provide this feature so we hope mSpy will add it sometime later.