FlexiSPY reviews for Android and iPhone: does this app worth your attention?

There are many software pieces for remote device monitoring available on the market today. Some of them have limited features, some are good for one operating system only but there are a few that work perfectly and detect an unbelievably huge amount of data from any platform. If you are one who wants to control everything and are seeking for the third type of apps, meet FlexiSPY. This service beats the top ten most powerful spying applications and has a lot to offer to the consumer.

Let’s start from a bit philosophical question: why would you need such an app? Here is an image of the typical FlexiSPY user or, to be clear, several possible categories:

  • Anxious parents who want to be sure that their kid does not speak to strangers and does not visit the suspicious website or social groups.
  • A man or a woman who wants to catch cheating spouse but do not have enough proofs.
  • An employer who needs to be confident that staff is actually doing things during the working hours and do not hang out in social media all day long.

No matter which type of customer suits you best, FlexiSPY will cover all your needs. This application has an extreme quantity of possibilities, and we are eager to tell you about them right now.

The list of main features FlexiSPY offers for Android devices

As you may have probably heard, the Android operating system gives more freedom to the developers and users, and so there are much more possibilities for the penetration. That’s why FlexiSPY for Android has the longest list of features, and we are going to highlight only the most exciting ones. So, what will you be able to do?

  • Eavesdrop and record each and every phone call or a call from top-popular apps like Hangout or Skype.
  • Make “Spycall” and listen to all the voices and noises around the target person.
  • Remove suspicious SMS that contains the chosen keywords.
  • Send fake SMS to any number from the monitored devices secretly.
  • Get access to all messages a person gets or sends from all well-known chatting applications.
  • Check the browsing history, Email inbox and outbox.
  • Intercept each and every key tapped on the monitored device.
  • Change the phone’s settings on the fly, check the battery status or restart the OS if you wish.
  • Manage installed apps and prevent your victim from uninstalling the particular ones.
  • Stay completely hidden.

Sounds truly impressive, doesn’t it? Well, then it’s worth mentioning that the described features are included in the Pro package only. This one sounds like the kit for 007 and costs a lot: $349.00 for the one-year subscription

If it is too much for you and you would like to either spend less or give just a little privacy to your victim, then we advise you another, Lite, package. It is pretty good too, it costs $149.00 for a 12-month subscription but doesn’t contain those amazing call recording features.

More info and FlexiSPY reviews: iPhone version

If you want to monitor old but gold iPhone 4, you won’t get any troubles. It comes with iOS 7.1 that is fully supported by FlexiSPY. However, you will need to jailbreak the device: perform a series of significant kernel patches that will lead to warranty violation. Well, that is understandable because the default iOS has too many restrictions for such applications.

If we are talking about iPhone 4s or 5s, you will be able to use FlexiSPY in a limited mode. No worries, all exciting features are available, however, you will need a small reconfiguration each time the device was powered off manually or because of the discharged battery. Thus, you will need to be able to get the dis not a big deal in our opinion.

A final word — FlexiSPY Android review: app that beats them all?

With a few limitations on iPhone and incredible powers on Android, FlexiSPY looks like a massive solution. All messages and calls, locations and surroundings, pictures and videos, sites and applications started on the monitored device won’t come unnoticed for you. If you truly need service any detective would be proud of, we say yes to this mighty software. Just use wisely please.