Trustworthy Highster mobile reviews and everything you need to know about this app

The modern world has nothing common with true privacy. Large corporations track and trace all your steps to show you the relevant free and advertised content; video cameras are everywhere and social networks retrieve more personal data than your closest friends. Thus and so, spy application doesn’t sound like something criminal nowadays, and there are plenty of providers struggling to get you as a customer. Today, we will shed the light on one such service that has its pros, cons and a lot of hype around.

Functionality, advantages and things you need to be aware of

Let’s start from the basic and advanced functions Highster Mobile supports. In 2019, there is only one version this service offers — Pro Edition. So if you choose this provider, you will get everything at once:

  • GPS: the ability to track every physical step the device’s owner makes. It is also advantageous for personal usage — you may find your cell phone if it is lost or stolen.
  • SMS and iMessages: old but gold texting apps every mobile phone owner uses from time to time. In addition to private conversations, SMS are often sent by sellers to confirm that the order is shipped for example.
  • Messaging apps: one more option for those to can’t imagine their life without constant dialogues and group chats. Unfortunately, Highster support only a few ones including WhatsApp (as any other competitor) and, suddenly, Viber.
  • Call info: all data about how long your child or wife is on the phone. Numbers and timestamps are available too.
  • Social media logs: the easiest way to learn whether your kid does homework or Likes schoolmates’ photos.
  • Camera logs: everything taken by phone camera including removed photos and compromising videos.
  • Browser data: each and every web page opened from the device’s browser. A very important feature for parents who want to be sure their children don’t have access to harmful content.
  • Stealth camera mode: Highster’s special. It allows you to switch the camera remotely and take a picture of what is going on near the device. A pretty great feature for parental control that is not supported by most rivals.

Moreover, Highster Mobile is known for the great control panel that reveals all tracked information within the comprehensive dashboard. It will be easy for you to check the collected logs and get a glimpse of what was going on with your children during day and night.

So, Highster combines both simple and advanced features. It is not the most powerful app on the market, however, it is pretty strong for most cases. The provider also claims that every customer gets professional support after the purchase but there are lots of complaints in the network about this particular service. Numerous negative reviews state that technical support is slow and incompetent, however, there are a few positive ones with another opinion. Well, tastes differ. You are the one to decide.

And finally, pricing. Unlike most spying providers, Highster Mobile doesn’t have a monthly fee. The payment is one and for all and includes the upcoming updates. You will need as much as $69.99 if you want to get a Lifetime license. 30-day long money back is advertised.

And a few more words: Highster Mobile iPhone review

Highster Mobile claims to be the only software that has powerful iPhone features available for non-jailbroken devices. Stealth camera mode is definitely one of them. As an addition, the ability to read messages from Viber without the necessity to patch the phone is also a cool thing. GPS tracking is the third feature that usually doesn’t work without jailbreak. So yes, this app has great powers for iPhone and doesn’t make you change the operating system behavior on your own risk.

So, want to try? Then you need to know how to install Highster Mobile on iOS device to start tracking and logging its data. There are three pretty simple steps to follow:

  • It goes without saying that you will need the victim’s iPhone and personal credentials to begin. Once you get everything, log in using Apple ID and password.
  • Wait a bit while Highster checks the access to files, photos, contacts and messages and sends the retrieved information to its servers.
  • That’s it! Now you can enter the control panel from any other device and look through the collected information.

Please note that this application works with iOS 7 or higher and doesn’t support the models before iPhone 5. Although, all iPad versions are ready for Highster.